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Look What Kat Dragged in

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 Tune in!

 Look What Kat Dragged In

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 Every Tues. 8PM PT

Bringing you the raddest tunes of DIY bands from around the world   curated and hosted by Kat Monroe

 Featured genres include punk, garage, surf, ska,       reggae and rock n roll.

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Black Sky

As an artist, who created unusual works, I was frustrated with not having a place to express and share my art. I turned that frustration into an art gallery where I could showcase other artists that were unique, like myself. I produced art shows with obscure artists, that featured performances by local DIY bands. I then started promoting and hosting art and music shows at outside venues in the area. In 2015 I was introduced to internet radio when KZ and I were guests on A Beautiful Disaster on Kaotic Radio. I was then asked to co-host the show with Dutchie "Da Punk DJ" Hollands, where we interviewed many different musicians, from local DIY bands to well know ones. This led to me hosting my own show- Look What Kat Dragged In. I wanted to share the bands that I had loved working with and promoting, with the world. Every song is handpicked, I spend many hours researching and looking for new music to share with the world. I realized it is what I love to do. I started on Kaotic Radio, Then enjoyed a bit of time with Doll Hut Radio where I interviewed musicians and bands and was given pointers and tips by the Hajj brothers on DIY radio/ podcast producing. I joined with XStream radio until 2021 where I now run the show for the Toxic Kat Productions Studio. You can now hear new episodes of Look What Kat Dragged In every Tues night here at 8PM pt. and at

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