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Back to The Music


Christina co-founded Xstream radio with the hopes of bringing more exposure to Indie bands. Over the years she has interviewed many bands in the scene and the musicians' feedback confirmed that starting a music video show would be beneficial.
She then brought on Kat Monore and Back to the Music was born.

Catch the latset episode now!

Back to The Music, with Christina and Kat

Welcome Back to the Music!

It's Tiki time again!
Join Christina and Kat for an hour of rad music videos of bands worldwide.
This episode we feature.....

E.T. Explore Me- Drug Me

Liily- TV or Not TV

The Tragic Radicals- Motorloaf

Daphne Guinness- Dark Night of the Soul

Dancing With Demons- Worlds Collide

The Skinner Brothers Feat. Hen$haw

The Grand Old Evils- The Hand

The Fades- Looking for Keanu

Pierre Omer's Swing Review- Tropical Breakdown

Automatic Knives- Die Like a Dog

Background music by:
Kitten & the Tonics- Graveyard, Die Zorros- Shark, The Birdcage- Outer Limits, Los A-Tunes-Suburban Reverb, The Atom Jacks- Seb Tropicana Dance, Pointbreak- Gato Nero, The Terro Surfs- Sax Fiend,  The Cholla, Space Agency- Fuzzy A G0-Go, Five Fingers With Parasol- Astronave 63,

Send video submissions for future episodes to

Check out Archived Episodes here 

Saturn with Headphones

 Christina and Kat bring you the best music videos from all around the world

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