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Back to The Music

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Christina co-founded Xstream radio with the hopes of bringing more exposure to Indie bands. Over the years she has interviewed many bands in the scene and the musicians' feedback confirmed that starting a music video show would be beneficial.
She then brought on Kat Monore and Back to the Music was born.

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Back to The Music- Episode #53

Woo hoo!! Brand spankin’ new episode of Back to The Music with Christina and Kat.

Check it out now! Join us as for a wacky time full of music video and fun! In this episode we feature…



The Sleaford Mods- I Don’t Rate You-

The Aquadolls- Disappearing Girl-

The Idles- When the lights Come On

MC-16- United States of Generica

Actors- Cold Eyes

Three Headed Snake- Wisdom Screams-

Gold and Youth- Dying in LA

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited- The Flawless Mrs. Drake-

Ponderosa Glee Boys- Walls Keep Falling-

Professor Fuzz- Nudist Buddhist Judas Priest Fan-

Richard Strange and TV Smith- Don’t Panic England-

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 Christina and Kat bring you the best music videos from all around the world