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Back to The Music

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Christina co-founded Xstream radio with the hopes of bringing more exposure to Indie bands. Over the years she has interviewed many bands in the scene and the musicians' feedback confirmed that starting a music video show would be beneficial.
She then brought on Kat Monore and Back to the Music was born.

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Back to The Music- Halloween Special- with Christina, Kat and Babs!!!

Welcome Foolish Mortals! Back to the music has a Halloween treat for you! We've summoned the goblins and ghouls from last Halloween, to awaken the spirits with their tambourines. They brought creepies and crawlies, that will appear before long bringing us music from regions beyond!

Join us for our haunted soiree!- And we've got special guest Babs from the Moon Rocks!!!!

Featured videos

The Mission Creeps- Not at Wicked as You

The Actors- Killing Time

Zombina and the Skeletones- Don't Go Into the Light

Leathers- Runaway

Messer Chups- Chupacabra Twist

Panther Modern-Ready

Dickie Devil and the Devients- Heather is a Hex Girl

Sextile- Hazing

X- ray Mary- Skull of Elvis

Clan of Xymox

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Saturn with Headphones

 Christina and Kat bring you the best music videos from all around the world