Back to theMusic

Back to The Music

 Christina and Kat bring you the best music videos from all around the world

Christina co-founded Xstream radio with the hopes of bringing more exposure to Indie bands. Over the years she has interviewed many bands in the scene and the musicians' feedback confirmed that starting a music video show would be beneficial.
She then brought on Kat Monore and Back to the Music was born.

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Back to The Music- Episode #51

It's tiki time! Join us for "Back to the Music" with Christina and Kat on a music video adventure with some of the best upcoming bands and musicians from around the world.


First Class Creeps- Keep it for Now

Cucamaras- Death of the Social

The Dramedy- What's Left to Say The

Sweet Reaper- Drink the Poison

Children Collide- Man of the People

O Leopardo- Beer House

The Paranoyds- Egg Salad

Messer Chups- Crypt-A-Billy

Real Sickies- Communication Breakdown

Celebrity Stalker- Your Mom

Fox and the Red Hares- Last Ride

The Alive- Mud  

Death Valley Girls

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